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Beliefs and Ambitions

Everyone should be able to have massage therapy treatments as a option for better health! Massage therapy can be expensive and those who made benefit from it most may not have it as an option, MSP covers a fraction of the cost for massage therapy if their are multiple health concerns, medications, disability, massage may not be available. Please contact me for a form discussing your situtation and need for massage therapy treatment. I will provide RMT services to 1 individual for 10 weeks of 30 minute treatments. This is a value of $450 which is designed to aid the community, and expand my understanding of how massage therapy can help a broader population. I will offer this program 3 times a year. Please contact me to see if you are an applicant.

Tanya Middleton Dean

Tanya graduated from the Okanagan College of Massage Therapy in June 2007, and became a registered massage therapist in October that same year. She has since worked in various clinics and spas between Parksville and Chemainus, and finds benefits with working in both environments.

Tanya moved to Ladysmith in March 2010, and is happy to have her family grow up in this progressive and caring community.  

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Continuing Education and Updates

October 2014- Completed First Aid in Nanaimo, BC. Level C CPR/AED.

September 2014- Human Anatomy Pro-Section: Upper Extremity. In depth study of the anatomy of the shoulder and limb.

Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) - Arthrofascial Stretching (AFS) / Joint Mobilization of the Spine- Advanced joint mobilization of the spine sacral lumbar thoracic and cervical. 

October/November 2012 Fascia its structure and Function: The Pelvic Girdle- Effective assessment and treatment of the pelvic girdle is essiential to maintaining function, decreasing low back pain and restoring movement

April 2012- Stretch for Life Seminar in Victoria. Active Isolated Stretching- New method of stretching that safely and effectively allow you to gain more active range of motion in your joints and helps to allieviate pain.

October 2011- International Myofascial Replay Fascial connective tissues binds and incases everything in the body. New research is immerging on the importance of keeping this system healthy and vital

February 2010- TMJ Dysfunction: In-depth course on the assessment and treatment of temporalmandibular joint dysfunction

October 2009- End Range Loading: A course by which movement of the joints and gentle stretching of the muscles improves the blood flow and fluids to joints, fascial and muscle tissue which decreases your healing time and improves tissue health, thereby decreasing pain receptors. I look forward to further understanding and education in this area of practice.